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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Is Harlandale ISD Meeting it's Cultural Responsibility?

Is our district (Harlandale,San Antonio,Texas) meeting its Cultural responsibilities? Virtually 100 % of the 14,000 students are Latina(o)s.There are twenty four (24) schools. Zero schools are named for a Latina.Only two(2) for a Latino.None named for world famous people. None for world famous people who made a special contribution to the Latino culture.No schools have Spanish names. The percentage of Harlandale schools which have a Spanish name, honor Latino(a)s, honor world famous people who made a special contributions to the Latino Culture is 0.08 percent.

Edgewood ISD borders Harlandale. Its enrollment is about 10,000, virtually 100% Latina(o) Edgewood has twenty (20) schools. Four honor Latinos. Five(5)are named for world respected people. One of them is a Latino. All five(5) made Cultural contributions. Three (3) schools have names in Spanish. The percentage of Edgewood schools which have a name in Spanish, honor Latinos, honor world famous people, honor world famous people who made special contributions to Latino(a) students and or their Culture is 55%.

Here is a reminder. Renaming a school is relatively easy.There will be some opposition and anything worthwhile needs an effort. Here are some suggested names for your consideration should you want to rename a school. Sandra Cisneros,Frida Kahlo, Dolores Huerta, Dr.Ellen Ochoa,Lorena Ochoa, La Virgen de Guadalupe, Archbishop Flores, Josefa Lazaro, Vikki Carr, Linda Ronstadt,Augustin Lara,Mario Moreno,Jesse Sanchez,Dr.William Elizondo,Dr.Bambe Cardenas,Dr.Jose Cardenas, Dr.Jesse Zapata, Dr.Ricardo Romo, Dr.Bambi Cardenas, Arthur Gotchman, Demetrio Rodrigues, Dr.Rigoberta Menchu, Willie Velasquez,Rev.Callis,Rev.Claude Black,Selena,Rosa Parks,Paulo Friere,Albert Pena,Dr.TessaMartinez Pollack,Emma Tennayuca, Robert Kennedy, Dr.Ricardo Carmona, Anna Guevara, Dolores del Rio, Jennifer Gutirrez, Dr.Jose Angel Gutirrez, Lech Walensa, Albert Nobel many others.

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